Legend of the Five Rings(tm) Text Change & Errata List

February 15, 2000

This list summarizes all play-affecting changes due to the Most Recent Printing Rule and all errata which have been issued over the course of the various expansions. Those differences listed as "Clarified:" are not actual changes in function, but rulings which have been incorprated into the cards themselves.
-- Jeff Alexander, Phoenix Clan Scribe


All Oni cards, and all cards with the Naga trait printed on them originally, are also Nonhuman (TotV pp. 62-63).

All Experienced and Experienced # cards are Unique (TotV p. 30).

All Ancestors are Unique.

All Ratlings are Creatures. (HB)

The list of legal Clans on Sensei cards is not subject to the Foo Rule.

Fate Cards


Accessible Terrain
Clarified: the one-unit limit is per action, not overall.

Clarified: battle actions may be played as normal.
Added: Units may not be moved from this battle to a Province.

Arrival of the Emerald Champion
Errata: Champion is discarded from play at the end of the battle, not destroyed during battle resolution.

Arrows From the Woods
Corrected: gold cost is 0, not 7.
Corrected: focus is 3, not 2.

Avoid Fate
Clarified: is played before the Event resolves, not in response to it resolving.
Changed: Province is refilled at the end of the Events Phase, not immediately.

Awakening Shakoki Dogu
Errata: The first sentence should read, "All units at this battle may return to their fiefs, bowed."

Be Prepared to Dig Two Graves
Clarified: may be played on behalf of any Personality aligned with your Clan, regardless of ownership.

Clarified: this is a Limited action.

Blazing Arrows
Clarified: cost depends only on cards in your army.

Breach of Etiquette
Clarified: in a tie, all tied players lose honor.

Brilliant Victory
Clarified: can only be played if you were the Attacker or Defender.

Dead Eyes
Errata: the reduction of Personal Honor to 0 is permanent.

Debt of Honor
Clarified: You must request the Unit prior to the Assignments Phase.
Clarified: You may not request an illegal assignment.

Egg of P'an Ku
Clarified: may copy a Unique Personality.
Clarified: now has an Action card border.
Clarified: copy retains permanent changes made to the original.
Clarified: Unique trait only applies to the Egg itself.

Encircled Terrain
Clarified: selected units must belong to the Attacker and Defender (matches Shadowlands version).

Entrapping Terrain
Clarified: there is no battle resolution.
Clarified: units return home "without bowing", not "unbowed".
Clarified: battle does not end immediately.

Evil Portents
Changed: Shadowlands Personalities and Followers get the bonus, always.
Clarified: only affects cards currently in play.

Clarified: target Holding must be in play.

Feign Death
Added: may target a bowed Personality.
Changed: may only target one of your Personalities.
Changed: Personality now fully dies and is then returned to play, rather than surviving and losing only Followers.
Changed: Personality is returned to play dishonored, rather than being dishonored while in play.
Clarified: Personality is always returned to your Fief.
Reversed: Personality once more returns bowed.

Clarified: may add an additional card as a general focus, not just a Chi focus.

The Final Breath
Errata: is played immediately after battle resolution, not during.

Flight of Dragons
Clarified: does apply to Dragon Clan dragons.

Forest Fire
Errata: should read "Destroy any one Forest card in play to destroy all bowed cards in this battle."

Clarified: dishonoring is immediate.
Clarified: playing player loses 2 honor.

Honorable Seppuku
Clarified: is played "immediately after your Samurai performs, is targetted by, or is affected by an effect or decision which dishonors him or causes a loss of Honor to your Family".
Clarified: Samurai is restored to honor before dying.
Clarified: honor gain is his current Personal Honor.

Iaijutsu Challenge
Clarified: target Personality must not be controlled by you.

Iaijutsu Duel
Clarified: if one selected Personality is controlled by you, it must be unbowed.
Errata: this card creates a challenge which cannot be refused.
Clarified: The Personality in your army is the challenger.

Intersecting Highways
Changed: bonus is +2F instead of +1F (matches Shadowlands version).
Clarified: bonus lasts until the end of the turn.
Clarified: only allies in the current battle gain the bonus.

Clarified: can only cancel an action which targets you, your Stronghold, or your cards or tokens.

Kolat Assassin
Changed: now targets a Personality with Chi less than 5, not 4.

Kolat Master
Clarified: Personality gains the Kolat trait.
Clarified: Followers with an honor requirement, not a Personal Honor, above 0 are destroyed.

Legendary Victory
Clarified: doubling takes place after all other bonuses.
Added: can't play more than one per battle.

Levy Troops
Errata: The gold cost per Follower cannot be reduced.

Lies, Lies, Lies
Clarified: your starting honor limits how high the gain can take you, not the amount of the gain.

Changed: when used after battle resolution, may now target any Personality in the opposing, rather than the victorious, army.

Changed: Attacker has the option of sparing the defending Province.

A Moment of Truth
Errata: The different versions of this card from Anvil of Despair and Time of the Void are distinct and do not count against each other for deck construction.

Occupied Terrain
Changed: no longer playable only by the Attacker.
Changed: destruction of a Holding instead of the Province is now optional.

Poisoned Weapon
Clarified: duel is abandoned if a participant dies before resolution.

Refuse Advantage
Added: may not be played if there are no opposing units.
Changed: Force penalty is now applied to your army's grand total rather than to specific cards you control.

Added: may target a bowed Personality.

Added: no more than one may be played each time a Personality is dishonored.

Sneak Attack
Clarified: the Defender takes the second action, not the player to the Attacker's left.

Superior Tactics
Clarified: you may only move the unit to another of the Defender's Provinces.

Test of Honor
Changed: if the Personality loses, he is dishonored and then destroyed.
Clarified: has no effect if target's controller has no Fate cards left.

Traversable Terrain
Changed: may no longer be played if you have no units in the battle.

The True Lands
Errata: Second action is a Reaction, not Limited.

Void Strike
Errata: The card drawn is discarded.

Way of Deception
Clarified: may switch a committed and an uncommitted unit.
Clarified: both must be unbowed.
Added: swapped units are not considered to be moving.

Wounded in Battle
Clarified: target won't die if he's a samurai and his chi is above 0 at the end of resolution.


Fist of the Earth
Added: is now Elemental.

Gift of the Wind
Added: is now Elemental.

The Sight of Death
Clarified: Will only return the Personality from death once.


Ancestral Sword of Hantei
Errata: Its stat-switching effect does not apply to focussing.

Armor of Sun-Tao
Clarified: terrains under it go with it if it's destroyed or stolen.

Climbing Gear
Clarified: all effects of Fortifications are negated, not just those that affect the attacking army.

Crystal Arrow
Clarified: may target any opposing Shadowlands card, including a Personality with Followers. Its status as a Ranged Attack is only to allow it to be affected by traits and Reactions.

Crystal Katana
Clarified: gives an extra +2C when opposed by one or more Shadowlands cards in a battle or duel (matches Shadowlands version).

Crystal Nagamaki
Errata: Has the Weapon trait.

Dragon Helm
Clarified: does affect Dragon Clan dragons.
Clarified: you bow the Helm to produce the effect.

Fan of Command
Changed: gold cost is always <4>.

Jade Arrow
Clarified: may target any opposing card, including a Personality with Followers. Its status as a Ranged Attack is only to allow it to be affected by traits and Reactions.

Jade Hand
Added: cannot be moved.

Hojatsu's Blade
Errata: Has the Weapon trait.

Night Medallion
Clarified: +2 only applies to numerals.
Added/Errata: does not apply to copied abilities.
Errata: adds to the actual value. "-2" would become "0", not "-4".

Porcelain Mask of Fu Leng
Errata: porcelain tokens go on the Mask.
Errata: tokens are only placed when the Mask is played. They are not part of the Fear ability.
Errata: only porcelain tokens are counted in determining when the Mask destroys itself.

Shuriken of Serpents
Clarified: The Shuriken, not the Personality, produces the attack.
Changed: you must now bow and destroy the Shuriken, not just destroy it. (Note, though, that even prior to this you couldn't use it while bowed.)

Terrible Standard of Fu Leng
Changed: gold cost from <5> to <7>.
Added: Shadowlands trait.
Added: Once per game, Limited: destroy any Hida Sukune to give +4F to Standard until end of turn.
Clarified: only gains a +1F token per unit destroyed in battle resolution.
(This card is identical to the Shadowlands version EXCEPT it still has Fear:2, not Fear:3.)

Tetsuya's Bo
Errata: focus value is 4, not 3.


Animate the Dead
Changed: Follower can come from any player's dead pile.
Added: animated Follower also gains the Shadowlands trait.
Clarified: the Fear and Shadowlands effects are permanent.

Biting Steel
Errata/Clarified: +3/+3 applies to Dragon Clan Personalities, not Dragon Personalities.

Cloak of Night
Clarified: played card must be legal when attached.
Clarified: played card must be attached to one of your Personalities.
Clarified: played card is considered in play.
Clarified: the card is attached without any costs.
Changed: any card, not just Followers, which is illegal when revealed is destroyed.
Clarified: attached card produces coming-into-play effects when revealed.

Clarified: Shugenja must bow to cast this spell.

Elemental Ward
Clarified: negates an action, not an "effect".

Energy Transference
Clarified: effect lasts until the end of the current turn.

The Fires That Cleanse
Changed: Now only destroys the caster, not the caster and the spell.

Heart of the Inferno
Added: is now destroyed when cast.
Clarified: targets all destroyed cards.

Immortal Steel
Added: no weapon can be affected by more than one.
Clarified: doubling is recalculated if the weapon's base bonus changes.

Mists of Illusion
Clarified: must be cast on one of your Personalities.
Clarified: opposing Units and Provinces are only undestroyable if Mist's target is in the army.

Return of the Fallen Lord
Errata: this is a Ritual.

Rise from the Ashes
Errata: is removed from the game when cast, not discarded from play.

Secrets on the Wind
Added: Scorpion Shugenja need not destroy a token when casting this spell.

Summon Faeries
Changed: may target an alread-bowed shugenja.

Summon Undead Champion
Changed: the created Personality counts as a card.

Sympathetic Energies
Errata: the shugenja must bow to cast this spell.

Torrential Rain
Clarified: there is no battle resolution.
Changed: the shugenja must be at the battle.

Wind Born Speed
Clarified: Cavalry trait only lasts until the end of the turn.


Added: additional +2C also applies when bringing spells into play and when using innate abilities.

Elemental Vortex
Errata: has the Nonhuman trait.

Fire Breather
Clarified: must be in the attacking army to destroy a Fortification.

Clarified: is destroyed if the attached Personality is dishonored in any way, not just if he dishonors himself.

Kenku Teacher
Changed: focus value is now 1, not 3.

Marsh Troll
Clarified: may not destroy themselves.

Errata/Added: Has the Creature and Cavalry traits.

Errata: is a Ratling.

Peasant Levies
Errata: Has the Ashigaru trait.

Personal Champion
Clarified: Champion may focus.

Scouting Team
Errata: must be at the battle to use both reactions, not just the first one.

Clarified: each Scribe can save each spell once.

Wyrm Riders
Clarified: must bow to make their ranged attack.

Yukai no Junzo
Errata: counts as Yogo Junzo for Uniqueness.

Errata: is a Creature.


Ring of Air
Clarified: you need not use shugenja to produce the spell effects.

Ring of Earth
Clarified: may be played if the attacking army's Force exceeded your Province strength at any point during the battle.

Ring of Fire
Clarified: your Personality must win the duel.
Changed: you must have had a lower Chi immediately prior to the challenge, not at the beginning of the duel.
Clarified: you may play the Ring as either the challenger or the one challenged.

Ring of the Void
Clarified: reworded so the Brotherhood of Shinsei can use their Stronghold to play it from the Fate Deck on an empty hand.
Clarified: the five cards are "drawn".

Ring of Water
Clarified: you may destroy a terrain and later play a terrain to satisfy the requirements -- these need not both be done in one action.
Clarified: may not be played if you were an ally.
Changed: Benefit is now a Reaction (and hence an "ability").

Dynasty Cards


Mountain Pass
Clarified: if an adjacent Province is lost, the next one over becomes adjacent.


The Agasha Join the Phoenix
Errata: should read "All your Personalities from that family in your deck and Provinces swear fealty to your Clan."

Architects of the Wall
Clarified: resolves every time it arises for every player.

Chrysanthemum Festival
Clarified: the extra Province is added on the left.

Dead Walk the Earth
Changed: only Personalities and Followers get the bonus, not all Shadowlands cards.
Changed: cards are destroyed at the beginning of your next Events Phase, not during it.

Changed: each player now picks a Holding of the player to his right.

Clarified: extra gold must be used the turn it's revealed, or it's lost.

March of the Alliance
Errata: actions on Strongholds are also allowed.

Peasant Revolt
Clarified: bowed cards do not straighten immediately when the Revolt ends, but must wait for their normal Straighten Phases.
Clarified: the restriction against straightening applies to all cards which are 3F or more at the time, not just those initially bowed by the Event.

Test of Stone
Added: your challenger must be unbowed.

Test of the Emerald Champion
Clarified: the new Province is added on the left.

Toturi's Last Stand
Errata: All Personalities who were not able to be committed survive, not just those who were bowed.

Unexpected Allies
Clarified: no effects are generated by Personalities brought into play.


Clarified: Ranged Attack strength is doubled after all other bonuses.

Corrupted Iron Mine
Clarified: Reduces the general gold production of Blacksmiths instead of increasing it, not in addition to increasing it.
Changed: No longer reduces the weapon/armor-specific gold production of Blacksmiths. [latest version rule]

Famous Poet
Clarified: may only be used if you were the Attacker or Defender.

Festering Pit of Fu Leng
Errata: gold cost is still <2>, not <7>.

Clarified: changed the wording so that it's clear that both Personalities and Followers must have the Nonhuman or Creature trait for it to generate extra gold.

Forgotten Tomb
Clarified: all cards go under it face up.
Changed: cards need not come out the first available turn.
Clarified: you must still meet all non-gold costs when playing a card from it.
Added: now has the Shadowlands trait.
Clarified: cards come with it if stolen, too.

Fort on a Hill
Clarified: only affects Personalities in the current battle.
Clarified: no longer incorrectly implies its modifications only apply during battle resolution.

Changed: gold cost is now <1>, not <0>.
Clarified: the imaginary unit only counts in determining the eligibility of players to perform actions during battle.

Master Smith
Clarified: the weapon token is also an Item.
Changed: Personalities may now have no more than one Weapon token, not Master Smith token.

Clarified: -1F penalty only lasts while the attack is in progress.

Oracle of Earth
Clarified: consistantly uses the term "destroy" to refer to eliminating terrains.

Oracle of Fire
Changed: now has the effect of the Imperial Oracle of Water.
Errata: Imperial Edition version should be treated as having the title "Oracle of Water" for play and deck construction purposes.
Clarified: may not be used on a Personality who cannot focus.

Oracle of Water
Changed: now has the effect of the Imperial Oracle of Fire.
Clarified: no longer implies the added unit can be freely assigned to either side of the battle.
Errata: Imperial Edition version should be treated as having the title "Oracle of Fire" for play and deck construction purposes.

Errata: should also say "This action can be performed in any battle in which you have one or more units."

Pitch and Fire
Changed: makes "two" attacks now instead of "2".

Changed: makes a strength "6" attack instead of "six" with Fort On A Hill.

Errata: Opponents may not straighten it to produce gold if it has been bowed to produce gold that turn.

School of Wizardry
Clarified: can only be used when you are playing the shugenja.
Changed: effect is no longer a Reaction (and thus not an ability).

Tunnel System
Errata: gold cost is still <2>, not <7>.


Agasha Tamori
Added: +3C bonus also applies when bringing spells into play.

Alhundro Cornejo
Changed: ability to reduce explosives cards to zero gold is now a Reaction, not Open.
Clarified: cannot reduce a Province strength below 0.

Asako Yasu
Errata: Treat beginning the duel as issuing a challenge which cannot be refused.

Errata: The removal of the Shadowlands trait is permanent.

Errata: action is usable once per battle.

Bayushi Kachiko
Clarified: seduction tokens are also removed if she dies.

Bayushi Shoju (Inexp)
Errata: The two point honor loss applies to any card played or used, not just played.
Errata: Stolen cards go into their owner's discard piles when discarded or destroyed.

Bayushi Togai
Added: is not affected by poison tokens either.
Added: may attach Dripping Poison despite not being a Ninja.

Daidoji Rekai (Exp)
Errata: Has the Samurai trait.

Changed: is Unique.

Errata: This is really Dairya. It's a typo, not a different card.

Doji Hoturi
Clarified: focussing adds to Personal Honor if he makes a duel a Duel of Honor.
Clarified: if his Reaction is used, losing Personality may commit seppuku even if not a Samurai.
Clarified: if his Reaction is used, its results replace the duel's original results.

Doji Kuwanan
Added: Crane Clan Champion.
Added: will only join Crane players.

Doji Satsume
Errata: Has the Samurai trait.

Doji Shizue
Changed: increases the opponent's gain or loss by "1" point, not "one".

Dragon of Fire
Changed: its single strength 10 and double strength 5 ranged attacks are now two separate abilities.

Earth Dragon
Clarified: ability is usable only once per turn.

Errata: Should not refer to himself as "Norio".

Added: Toturi's Army trait.

Heichi Chokei
Added: is now also a Monk.

Hida Amoro (Exp 2)
Errata: Has the Shadowlands trait.

Hida Kisada (Inexp)
Errata: Will only join Crab Clan.

Hida Kisada
Changed: Minimum Honor from 10 to 6.
Changed: gold cost from <14> to <16>.
Changed: Now only immune to targetting by spells and innate abilities. No longer unaffected by untargetted such effects.

Hida Yakamo (Hero)
Clarified: counts as a separate card from the Crab Clan Oni.

Hida Yakamo (Oni)
Clarified: may not Focus at all.

Hirariko (Exp)
Errata: action is usable once per battle.

Hitomi (Exp 2)
Renamed: was Mirumoto Hitomi.
Added: is now also a shugenja.
Added: is now Dragon Clan Champion.
Added: will only join Dragon players.
Changed: no longer gains the shugenja trait with her ability. She only gains the dragon's abilities.

Hitomi Kokujin
Renamed: was Togashi Kokujin.
Changed: is now Dragon Clan, not Unaligned.

Clarified: can only enter a battle if there are attacking units.

Horiuchi Shoan
Added: Cavalry trait.

Ide Tadaji
Added: special ability now has the Political trait.
Changed: now may only not be assigned to attack or defend, rather than not being allowed to attack or defend at all.
Clarified: only negates the effects of one use of the Favor, not all uses for the rest of the turn.

Ikoma Kaoku
Clarified: need not be in the battle to use his ability.

Ikoma Tsanuri (Exp)
Added: will only join Lion players.

Ikoma Ujiaki
Changed: Minimum Honor from 15 to 10.
Added: special ability now has the Political trait.

Isawa Norikazu
Clarified: can cancel actions that target or affect the battle, not just target it.
Clarified: only needs to be in the battle to cancel a card that affects/targets the battle itself.

Isawa Osugi
Changed: is now Unique.

Isawa Tadaka (Exp 2)
Errata: Has the Shadowlands trait.

Isawa Tomo
Clarified: moves units between Defender's Provinces only.

Isawa Tsuke
Errata: Treat beginning the duel as issuing a challenge which cannot be refused.

Iuchi Karasu
Clarified: must obey attaching rules when moving a Follower.

Iuchi Takaai
Clarified: Cavalry bonus only lasts until the end of the turn.

Kakita Yinobu
Added: special ability now has the Political trait.
Clarified: you may not continue to discard cards once you've reduced the loss to zero.

Kakita Yoshi
Added: special ability now has the Political trait.
Changed: now may not be assigned to defend, rather than not being allowed to defend at all.

Kakita Yuri
Added: special ability now has the Political trait.

Errata/Added: is Nonhuman.

Changed: is now Tortoise Clan/Yoritomo's Alliance, not Unaligned.

Kitsu Okura
Changed: Minimum Honor is now 0, not 3.

Kitsuki Yasu
Clarified: must be bowed when the challenge is issued.
Added: special ability now has the Political trait.

Kolat Servant
Clarified: may target a bowed Stronghold.
Changed: bows a target Stronghold instead of a target player's Stronghold.

Kuni Yori (Exp)
Changed: is now Unaligned, not Crab Clan.

Kuni Yori (Exp2)
Errata: among their other traits, the tokens his ability creates are also Shadowlands.

Kusatte Iru
Errata: has the Nonhuman trait.

Errata/Changed: does not count as a Naga card.

Mirumoto Hitomi
Added: Toturi's Army trait.

Mirumoto Taki
Changed: gold cost is now <6>, not <8>.

Mitsu (Exp)
Renamed: was Togashi Mitsu.
Changed: is now Unaligned and Monk, not Dragon Clan.
Removed: is no longer a samurai.

Monstrous War Machine of Fu Leng
Changed: now has the Shadowlands trait.
Changed: Minimum Honor from 0 to "-".

Morito Tokei
Added: Toturi's Army trait.

Moshi Wakiza
Changed: is now Centipede Clan/Yoritomo's Alliance, not Unaligned.

Motto Seiki
Errata: is considered to be Yotsu Seiki.

Mountain Goblin
Changed: Personal Honor is always 1, not printed value.

Mukami (Exp)
Errata: is Yoritomo's Alliance, not Yoritomo's Army.

Naga Abomination
Added: is Unique.
Errata: must bow to issue its challenge.

Naga Warlord
Clarified: he is now a base 3F, and only gives +1F to other Naga cards in his unit.

Naka Kuro
Added: Toturi's Army trait.
Changed: ability to duplicate an Elemental effect is now a Reaction (and hence an "ability").
Errata/Changed: His first ability can only copy Elemental actions, not all Elemental effects.

Ninja Shapeshifter
Clarified: only tokens created by a copied ability go away at the end of the turn, not all effects of the ability.
Errata/Changed: can NOT copy traits.

Ninja Spy
Changed: Minimum Honor is now "-", not 0.

Oni no Ogon (5F/2C, headless)
Errata: title is actually Oni no Kamu.
Errata: is Unique.

Otaku Kamoko
Changed: her +1F bonus when attacking is now a trait, not a Reaction.

Otaku Kamoko (Exp 2)
Errata/Clarified: is Unique.

Errata: has the Creature trait.

Changed: now gets +1/+1 per Ring, not +1/+2.

Seppun Hotaitaka
Errata: extra cards are not drawn until your next End Phase.
Errata: extra cards are only drawn for Followers attached from your hand.

Seppun Nakao
Errata: is not Imperial.

Errata: counts as the Naga Shugenja for purposes of being Experienced, not Uniqueness.

Shiba Tsukune
Clarified: the +3C bonus is gained upon entering the duel.

Shiba Tsukune (Exp)
Added: Phoenix Clan Champion.

Shiba Ujimitsu
Clarified: keeps all tokens, cards, and permanent changes of the Personality he reincarnates into.
Changed: replaced Personality is discarded from play, not destroyed.

Shosuro Hametsu
Changed: Personal Honor from 0 to 1.

Errata: His ability is usable once per battle.

Soshi Bantaro
Changed: Personal Honor is always 0, not printed value.

Errata: is a Creature.

Togashi Hoshi
Clarified: restriction against assignment only applies during the Maneuvers Segment.
Clarified: is affected by cards which affect dragons.
Changed: is now Unaligned, not Dragon Clan.
Added: will join Monk players for 2g less.

Togashi Hoshi (Exp)
Errata: is a Creature.

Togashi Mitsu
Clarified: only becomes bowed after a battle with tokens as though he were an attacking unit.
Clarified: all references to "tokens" changed to "fire tokens".
Added: Toturi's Army trait.
Added: Monk trait.

Togashi Yoshi
Clarified: exactly when his ability is used.
Clarified: revealed card is not treated as a focus.
Clarified: revealed card is discarded.

Errata: has the Ashigaru trait.

Added: Toturi's Army trait.

Toku (Exp)
Changed: his restriction is now against bowing to perform an action more than once, not just performing.

Changed: name.
Added: Toturi's Army trait.
Added: will not join Scorpion players either.
Clarified: stat bonus and honor gain only happen the first time he is re-honored.
Changed: gaining of honor and stats is now a Reaction (and hence an "ability").

Changed: is now Wasp Clan/Yoritomo's Alliance, not Unaligned.

Tsuruchi (Exp)
Errata: has the Samurai trait.

Water Dragon
Changed: ability to duplicate an innate ability is now a Reaction (and hence an "ability").

Yasuki Taka (Exp)
Errata: Plays as written in Time of the Void: "This ability cannot be used with holdings that cannot pay for variable cost cards."

Yogo Junzo
Changed: always has the Undead trait.

Yoritomo (Exp)
Clarified: 2F bonus to army members does not apply to himself.

Yoritomo Kamoto
Renamed: was Kamoto.
Changed: Minimum Honor is now 5, not 10.
Removed: is no longer Unaligned.

Yoritomo Kanbe
Renamed: was Kanbe.

Yoritomo Massasue
Renamed: was Massasue.

Yoritomo Takuni
Renamed: was Takuni.

Yoritomo Tsuyu
Renamed: was Tsuyu.

Yoshi (Exp)
Renamed: was Togashi Yoshi.
Changed: is now Unaligned and Monk, not Dragon Clan.


Ancient Temples of the Naga
Removed: Token Naga Followers are no longer unable to receive Force bonuses.
Added: You may ignore the honor requirements of Nagas if you control no Shadowlands cards.

Dark Path of Shadow
Errata: may only send home the army in the current battle.

The Sacred Temple of the Phoenix
Changed: now produces 5g when paying for a shugenja or spell, rather than reducing that card's cost by 5 until end of turn.
Added: can also produce 7g when paying for a shugenja or spell, and permanently give the shugenja involved the Shadowlands trait.
Added: you cannot gain honor when paying 7g for a shugenja.

Yogo Junzo's Army
Reversed: once more reduces the cost of Shadowlands cards rather than producing gold.


Ambition: Truly is not a Weapon.

Ancestral Sword of Hantei: Truly is not a Weapon.

Ancestral Sword of the Scorpion: Truly does not count as the Broken Sword for purposes of Uniqueness, nor give 4 honor when played.

Ashigaru Archers: Play as written, at 1F.

Dai-kyu of Anekkusai: Truly is not a Weapon.

Hisa: This card does not get played as Bayushi Hisa. The wording on the latter only prevents you from including more than three "Hisa"-type cards, total, in your deck.

Jade Dragon: Truly is neither Unique nor a shugenja.

Matsu Turi (promo): No longer counts as Matsu Gohei.

Shiba Ujimitsu: Truly is not Unique.

Shosuro Tage: Truly does not need to bow to use her ability.

Stifling Wind: Truly is not missing the word "opposing" from its second ability.

Suzume Yugoki: Truly has no alignments except "Sparrow Clan".

The 12th Black Scroll: Truly is an Item.

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